Pomona College Online Presentation

Wed10Feb-Pomona College Online PresentationMusical Journeys with Alex Meixner (accordions) and Sandra Wong (nyckelharpa)


February 10, 2021 -

Event Details

An online conversation with and performances by two liberal arts college graduates who have shaped innovative careers.

Meixner and Wong, both graduates in music from Ithaca College, trade stories from their unique journeys to becoming multi-instrumental recording artists, touring performers, educators, and cultural ambassadors. Throughout the event they will “trade tunes,” sharing favorite pieces on the instruments through whose traditions they have made their mark on the American musical landscape.

Alex Meixner (alexmeixner.com) is a nationally acclaimed musician, performer, bandleader, educator, and a leading advocate of polka music. He was born into a multi-generation family of musicians hailing from Austria and began playing accordion on stage at the age of 6. Formally trained in classical, jazz and ethnic music, Alex has cross-pollinated his versatile playing styles through pop music, funk, jazz, and polka. He is an ambassador for polka music, revitalizing interest coast to coast, resulting in sold-out shows, renewed cultural interest, and growing mainstream acceptance. A Grammy® nominee who has performed on over 50 albums, Alex’s work can be heard in such media as Hormel Pepperoni commercials and the Netflix film The Polka King.

Sandra Wong (sandrawongmusic.com) began studying classical violin at the age of 7 and by the end of college had discovered fiddling in Irish, old-time, and bluegrass traditions before also gravitating towards the Swedish keyed-fiddle, nyckelharpa. Her current livelihood of teaching, performing, recording and collaborating with other musicians from diverse genres has led her to tour nationally and internationally and to record several solo and collaboration albums. Focused on connecting people and cultures through music, Sandra facilitates musical study trips to different countries. A percentage of all Sandra’s recording and concert proceeds supports charitable organizations and especially projects working to create environmental sustainability.

This event is sponsored by the Pomona College Music Dept. through a gift of Dr. Barbara B. Smith ‘42.